Welcome to the 2017 Community Foundations Conference

Dear friends,

Since our last conference in Calgary, we’ve been on an exciting journey.

We’ve honed our “Why” and are now mobilizing our entire network around some big ideas and questions: How do we make the most of Canada’s 150th for our communities and our country? How do we build stronger relationships with Indigenous communities for the future? How do we continue to create communities where everyone feels like they belong?

As we get ready to welcome hundreds of community and philanthropic leaders to Ottawa-Gatineau, the traditional territory of the Algonquin people and later an historic meeting place for early settlers and newcomers from around the world, belonging feels like a fitting theme for our conference.

With Canada’s 150th in the spotlight, we’ll kickstart new conversations and connections around what it means to build communities that are more welcoming, inclusive, diverse and participatory, not to mention smarter and more caring.

The 2017 Community Foundations Conference will be jam-packed with a host of social activities, practical hands-on workshops and influential speakers that will be sure to inspire. Whether you’re a community leader on the international stage or here at home in Canada, you’ll find something to suit your tastes.

Be here for Canada’s big year and leave inspired with new ideas to bring back to your community. We look forward to welcoming you to Ottawa-Gatineau in 2017!

Best wishes,

Victoria Grant and Ian Bird
Board Chair and President
Community Foundations of Canada

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