Past National Reports

Fertile Ground (2013)

Food is about a lot more than what we buy or eat. Food sustains us,and our communities, in so many ways. That’s why food is the place where our most pressing issues converge — poverty, health and wellbeing, our environment and economy – they all hit home at our kitchen table.

This national Vital Signs report, Fertile Ground: Sowing the seeds of change in Canada’s food system, explores our relationship with food and asks how communities can mobilize locally to build a better food system for the future.


Generation Flux (2012)

Every year through Vital Signs, issues concerning youth rise to the top of the agenda: unemployment, high school completion rates and the challenges posed by record levels of inactivity and obesity.

This year, the Community Foundations of Canada decided to concentrate our national Vital Signs report on youth issues – collecting disparate research from many sources to create a more complete picture of Canada’s young people.

We found the predictable trajectory that guided the lives of the previous generation is gone. Today’s youth are growing up in an era of complexity and uncertainty. Changes have delayed, or even destroyed, the landmarks that once signaled a transition from one phase of life to another.


Previous national Vital Signs reports

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