Vital Signs

Vital Signs is a community program that uses local knowledge to measure the vitality of a community and support action towards improving collective quality of life. Vital Signs is spearheaded by Community Foundations of Canada and led by community foundations in Canada and around the world.

Community foundations use data and community input to identify key issues within a specific community through the Vital Signs program. The goal of Vital Signs is to share the information with the community, inspire civic engagement, and provide focus for public debate in communities across Canada and around the world. The knowledge is used by residents, community organizations, universities and colleges, government leaders and community foundations to take action and direct resources where they will have the greatest impact.

To learn more about Vital Signs in Canadian communities, visit our Community Vital Signs page.

To learn more about international engagement in Vital Signs, visit our International Vital Signs page.

To learn more about Community Foundations of Canada’s leadership of the Vital Signs program, visit our National Vital Signs page.


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