Top 10 reasons why you should host the 2021 Community Foundations Conference

Yes, you read it correctly, the bidding process for the 2021 Community Foundations Conference is open! Our biennial conference is the largest event of its kind, bringing together Canada’s community foundation network and like-minded organizations from across the country and around the world. Hosting an international conference in your community might sound like a big task, but great challenges are often followed by even greater rewards.

Here are 10 reasons why your community foundation should consider hosting the conference:

  • Strengthen relationships with donors and bring new donors to the table
  • Build and develop new and existing partnerships for the long-term
  • Demonstrate your leadership to our global community foundation movement
  • Broaden your awareness through national communications channels
  • Show colleagues and leaders from around the world the great work in your community
  • Receive media interest and drive social media engagement
  • Strengthen relationships with municipal government, private sector and local industry
  • Position your foundation as an economic developer and community builder
  • Engage staff, Board members and volunteers by working together on a big, bold project
  • Showcase the best of what your community has to offer!

As community builders and connectors, hosting and placemaking are deeply embedded in our values, culture, strategy and impact of our work. To host is to lead and with leadership comes a wide range of benefits – some expected, but just as many unexpected. Here is what it has meant for hosts community foundations from our previous conferences:

From showcasing our western culture and vibrant local arts community, to providing opportunities to connect with colleagues that share a passion for community building, hosting the Community Foundations Conference was a rewarding and enriching experience for Calgary Foundation. We enjoyed the collaborative process of working with CFC to create a welcoming environment for delegates to explore and embrace their respective “why” – their purpose”. -Eva Friesen, President and CEO, Calgary Foundation, Host for the 2015 Community Foundation Conference

“Hosting the Belong 2017 Community Foundations Conference was a great opportunity for our staff to come together to showcase our wonderful city to colleagues from across the country and around the world. It was a good way to involve the team in the brainstorming, planning and execution of various elements of the host foundation’s role.” – Marco Pagani, President and CEO, Ottawa Community Foundation, Host for the 2017 Community Foundation Conference

Interested? Check out this page where you will find an overview of the bidding process, a bid guide, and an application form. The bidding process closes on January 18, 2018 so be sure to reach out to us should you have any questions!

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