Webinar: Asset Mix Matters

“An investor needs to do very few things right as long as he or she avoids big mistakes.” —Warren Buffett.

Buffett would probably agree that following an inappropriate asset mix strategy is one of those big mistakes. In fact, some studies have suggested that asset mix is the most important decision in investing. The return differential between asset classes can be significant when compounded over long periods of time. As such, appropriately allocating funds to return seeking asset classes and managing risk within your asset mix can mean the difference between a foundation being able to make a real difference with its granting activities, or failing to have an impact at all.

In this webinar, Andrew Johnson, CFA and Cameron Webster, CFA from Mawer Investment Management will provide their insight on the importance of implementing an appropriate asset mix strategy and how it can be used to address the short and long-term time frames of a foundation’s endowment portfolio.