The role of artificial intelligence in the philanthropic sector

We will be exploring Artificial Intelligence: What is it? How do we embrace it for transformative social potential?

Leading the discussion is Dr. Ajay Chander and James Stauch.

Ajay Chander is an inventor and an educator who leads R&D teams in imagining and building new human-centric technologies and products. His work has spanned transparent AI, digital healthcare and wellness, software security and behaviour design. Currently, Dr. Chander serves as the Vice President of Research at Fujitsu’s R&D lab in Silicon Valley and provides technical and thought/strategy leadership for all aspects of the interplay between technology and the human experience.

James Stauch, Director of the Institute for Community Prosperity at MRU, previously served as a foundation professional and consultant, including as chair of three networks of philanthropic grantmakers.  He will be speaking to how we might ‘robot-proof’ the social economy, moving from passive digital distrust to active embrace of the transformative social potential of machine learning and AI.