Impact Investing Guidebook for Canadian Foundations

The Impact Investing Guidebook and accompanying resources are designed for community foundations large and small, with different capacity and levels of commitment. More specifically, it’s written to provide practical strategies and tactical support for executive directors and board members of foundations that are thinking about or beginning to make impact investments.

The Guidebook covers a range of materials, including:

  • A roadmap for beginning impact investing at your foundation
  • Success stories from community foundation leaders in Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton involved in impact investing
  • Clear examples of impact investing in practice
  • Myths that can get in the way of impact investing, and motivations that can help overcome barriers

This Guidebook has been developed by leading impact advisory firm Purpose Capital in partnership with Community Foundations of Canada and Philanthropic Foundations Canada, with additional support from Miller Thomson, Employment and Social Development Canada, Edmonton Community Foundation, Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon, Genus Capital, and input from Canadian foundations.

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