You Make Your Community: Toolkit for Community Foundations (2014)

Your Community Makes You. You Make Your Community. is our movement’s first national awareness campaign designed as part of our Smart & Caring Communities outreach to remind Canadians about the important role that our communities play in our lives  and the contribution we in turn make to our communities.

This campaign toolkit overview highlights a series of tools and resources designed to help community foundations reach out to local media, secure PSA placement and generate media coverage as part of our movement’s first national awareness campaign.

The toolkit includes:

Campaign Files

  • Billboard ads
  • Community newspaper ads
  • Digital ads
  • Instructions for photographer
  • Logos
  • Radio ads
  • Tools from community foundations
  • Television ads

Tools and Resources

PR Components

  • Campaign backgrounder and FAQ
  • Campaign presentation template
  • Communications plan timeline
  • PR campaign
  • Local news release template
  • Logo usage guidelines
  • Board presentation
  • Tools for online / social media
  • You Make Your Community brochure

PSA Components

  • Campaign overview for media
  • E-newsletter sample
  • Media partners
  • PSA media outreach guide
  • Sample thank you note
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