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CFC hosts webinars on a range of topics relevant to the work of community foundations, from how to prepare the T3010 to working with non-qualified donees. Our most recent and relevant webinars are listed below. To sign-up for an upcoming webinar, visit our events page.

(W) Community Fund for Canada's 150th

Process for Applying to the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th

Webinars - Details on how to apply to the Community Fund for Canada's 150th through the online platform.

(W) Foundation Essentials

Reading and understanding community foundation financial statements and reports (Part 4 of 5)

Webinars - This webinar focuses on strengthening your financial understanding by reviewing the various components of audited financial statements, key financial health metrics and internal financial reporting.

Tips for preparing your T3010 charitable tax returns — 2019

Webinars - This screencast is an updated version of what hat you need to know to successfully complete your foundation’s charitable tax return.

Planned giving fundamentals Part III: Gift transfers and administration

Webinars - This webinar has a special focus for finance staff and gift administrators at community foundations.

Suggested chart of accounts package

Documents - This resource will help with your T3010 Charity Return.

Board roles and responsibilities

Webinars - This webinar focuses on board members’ key responsibilities and maximizing their effectiveness.

Planned Giving Fundamentals Part II: Donor Conversations and Working with Advisors

Webinars - This webinar will outline the conversation strategy around gifts of assets in life and through estate plans.

Welcome to Community Foundations of Canada!

Webinars - A great introduction if you are new to your community foundation as a staff or board member or you want a refresher!

Good governance builds good boards

Webinars - If you are a new board member, coming into your role as a board chair or looking to up your governance learning, this webinar is for you!

Effective financial stewardship in community foundations (Part 1 of 5)

Webinars - West Vancouver Community Foundation Board Member and CPA Gordon Holley kicks off our series with an overview of effective financial stewardship.

Cybersecurity: The legal and organizational landscapes

Webinars - Cybersecurity expert Patrick Bourk and legal counsel Ruth Promislow join Cindy Lindsay to provide an overview of what foundations need to know.

When Disaster Strikes: A webinar for community foundations

Webinars - In this webinar, we review our disaster response guide and hear from community foundations who have dealt with disasters in their communities.

Engaging the next generation of philanthropists

Webinars - Join Aneil Gokhale and Nicole Lilauwala of the Toronto Foundation to learn about their Vision 2020 initiative

Webinar: Asset Mix Matters

Webinars - How to maximize your impact with the right investments

Five Questions to Ask Your Investment Manager (2016)

Webinars - From our partner at Mawer Investment Management.

Using FIMS for Development and Stewardship (2015)

Webinars - How community foundations can track and measure donor stewardship using the Facilities Information Management System (FIMS) database.

The Community Forward Fund (2014)

Webinars - An overview of the Community Forward Fund (CFF), the first registered nonprofit loan fund in the country.

Web Analytics Benchmarking for Community Foundations (2014)

Webinars - A new Google Analytics Benchmarking tool for community foundations.

Canada’s Anti-spam Legislation (2014)

Webinars - An overview of Canada's new anti-spam legislation and how it affects non-profits.

Demystifying Funder Transparency with GrantCraft and Glasspockets (2014)

Webinars - An introduction to GrantCraft’s guide, Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency and the Foundation Center’s transparency resource, Glasspockets

Orientation to Our Movement, Our Moment (2014)

Webinars - An introduction to CFC's strategic plan.

(W) HR Management

Managing People and Their Work (2016)

Webinars - The final webinar in our 3 part series will explore the nuts and bolts of managing foundation staff.

Getting the right people (2016)

Webinars - The second of a three-part series on HR management for your community foundation.

HR Policies and Practices the Backbone of Employee Management (2016)

Webinars - The first of a three-part HR management series being delivered to community foundations.

Onboarding and Transitioning a New ED (2015)

Webinars - How to successfully onboard or transition a new ED into your foundation.

Hiring the Right Director (2015)

Webinars - Best practices for recruiting a new Executive Director staff for a community foundation.

Succession Planning (2015)

Webinars - The value of succession planning and why it’s important to you and your Board.

(W) Smart & Caring Communities

Storytelling with Andy Goodman (2015)

Webinars - How community foundations can tell their smart and caring stories with Andy Goodman of The Goodman Centre.

From Action to Impact (2014)

Webinars - Early participants in Smart & Caring Communities talk about the impact they’re seeing locally, and where they plan to go from here.

From Strategy to Action (2014)

Webinars - Hear how community foundations across Canada are connecting Smart & Caring Communities to their strategic plans.

(W) Vital Signs

Vital Signs and the SDGs: Exploring new data

Webinars - In this webinar we will explore how to align your Vital Signs data collection to the SDGs, looking at indicator selection and identifying new data sources.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and your community foundation

Webinars - In this webinar, we will review the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its local relevance.

Data collection for your catchment area 101

Webinars - This webinar helps you identify best practices to accurately describe your catchment area for the Vital Signs national data collection.

You’ve released your Vital Signs — now what?

Webinars - Community Foundations of Canada's Alison Sidney facilitates discussion between foundations about various strategies of leveraging Vital Signs post-launch.

Vital Signs and the Sustainable Development Goals

Webinars - This webinar explores how your foundation might integrate the SDGs in with your Vital Signs report

You’ve done Vital Signs — now what? Using your Vital Signs for impact

Webinars - How to get the most out of your Vital Signs report

Designing your Vital Signs report

Webinars - In this webinar we go over key elements of designing a report that is easy to read and visually appealing.

Using data and research for your Vital Signs

Webinars - This webinar will elaborate on the different types of data collection you can use for your Vital Signs

Engaging your community in Vital Signs

Webinars - This webinar will go over best practices and how you can engage your community through all phases of Vital Signs.

Taking the pulse of your community: An introduction to Vital Signs for community foundations

Webinars - A look ahead at what's in store for community foundations participating in Vital Signs in 2018.

Vital Signs – Communications (2017)

Webinars - Communications strategies for community foundations participating in Vital Signs.

Vital Signs – Community Engagement and Collaboration (2017)

Webinars - A webinar on engaging your community in the Vital Signs program.

Vital Signs Orientation (2017)

Webinars - An overview of the Vital Signs program.

Vital Signs Communications (2016)

Webinars - Communications strategies for community foundations participating in Vital Signs.

Getting Started with Vital Signs (2016)

Webinars - How community foundations can get involved in the Vital Signs program.

VitalSigns4All (2016)

Webinars - An introduction to VitalSigns4All, a refresh of the community foundation Vital Signs program.

(W) You Make Your Community

Black Press Media Partnership (2015)

Webinars - An overview of the media partnership opportunity between Black Press and community foundations in B.C.

Getting Involved with the You Make Your Community Campaign (2014)

Webinars - How to get involved with CFC's national #youmakeyourcommunity awareness campaign.

Maximizing Impact on Social Media (2014)

Webinars - Maximizing your impact on social media with CFC's national #youmakeyourcommunity campaign.

National Ad Campaign Screening & Strategy (2014)

Webinars - An overview of CFC"s national #youmakeyourcommunity campaign strategy, and a screening of our TV ad.

(W) Youth Catalyst Fund

Grant Program Overview for Charities (2015)

Webinars - How charities can apply to the Youth Catalyst Fund grant program.

Grant Program Overview for Community Foundations (2015)

Webinars - How communities can benefit from CFC's Youth Catalyst Fund.

Introducing CFC’s Youth Catalyst Fund (2015)

Webinars - An overview of CFC`s Youth Catalyst Fund and how community foundations can get involved.