Our top five recommended resources for foundation development

We have a wealth of resources, tools and information to help community foundations in their day to day work. Here is a useful roundup of some of the basics!  

10 great reasons to partner with a community foundation!  

Key messages to help your donors understand the unique value proposition of working with a community foundation.

Different types of charitable funds

A simple and effective resource to help explain different types of funds and which might be the best fit for a potential donor.   

Key policies for Canadian community foundations

This manual is designed to be a starting point for your community foundation to put in place policies. Use these policy templates as a starting point to create your own.

Better Together: A guide for charity/non-charity partnerships

Charities and non-charities will often partner to increase their impact in community. This handbook seeks to explain these guidelines, provide insights from community experience and promote examples of good practice.

A complete guide for professional advisors

Are you a professional advisor or do you work with one? Here are some great resources to talk about charitable giving, how community foundations can help and more…

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