Meet Dario DiNapoli and Emily Chew of Manulife Asset Management: they’re coming to Belong 2017 and you should too

This guest post is by Dario DiNapoli, Managing Director of Institutional Investments at Manulife Asset Management.

Tell us about your company, and who we can look forward to meeting at the “Belong 2017” Conference?

Manulife Asset Management is the global investment management subsidiary of Manulife Financial, based in Toronto. We are dedicated to helping institutional investors, such as foundations, achieve their financial objectives through the provision of sound investment strategies and solutions. We have expertise in a wide range of publicly-listed funds, such as bonds and equities, as well as private market asset classes (i.e. real estate, agriculture, timber, etc.). We are very excited to have our Global Head of Environment, Social and Governance Risk Management (ESG), Emily Chew, here to speak at the Belong Conference to share our views on the importance of ESG factors in investing. We’ll also be welcoming Manulife Asset Management colleagues from across the country

What does Belonging mean to you?

To me, belonging means a sense of security, knowing you are in the place where you are meant to be and accepted for who you are. I strongly believe the community foundations movement in Canada plays an important role in doing that for the people in the communities that they serve. After working with Community Foundations of Canada for four years, it’s also nice to feel that our organization can be part of that effort.

What are you most excited about for the conference?

The Community Foundations of Canada is recognized globally as a leader in its field. As such, many community foundation organizations from overseas are attending the Belong conference. It will be exciting to meet them and participate in some of the exciting exchange of ideas that will surely take place!

What other exciting or innovative activities are you presently doing to support your community?

Our parent company, Manulife, has been a leading supporter of the Welcome Fund for Syrian Refugees. It’s a wonderful initiative that is very much in sync with Canadian values of compassion and openness. I had a chance to see the Welcome House in Vancouver on a recent visit there. It was great to see our commitment have such a great impact at such a grassroots level.

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