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Discovering new talent pools, creating award-winning workplace culture and offering employee health plans aren’t only endeavours for large companies — non-profits are finding ways to add these mechanisms to their organizations to identify and retain talent in an increasingly competitive job market.

Over the past year, Community Foundations of Canada has been tapping into our HRcouncil.ca and non-profit networks to learn more about how non-profits are implementing innovative HR strategies in their work. What we discovered is a wealth of inspiring ideas and ingenuity that hold great promise for the sector.

Here are three great examples of organizational responses to Canada’s shifting demographics and their impact for our workplaces.

Tap into shared services with Community Foundations of Canada to create a collective impact

Community Foundations of Canada has 191 members across the country and many struggle to access and afford healthcare plans for their employees. By leveraging economies of scale and their collective strength, Community Foundations of Canada built a robust healthcare plan and package for community foundations and their employees. Chief Operating Officer Andrea Dicks explains how the plan came to be.

Discover new talent and respond to a changing Canada with Information and Communications Technology Council

As demographics change across Canada, the non-profit sector has to remain nimble in seeking out new sources of talent. Tune in to this story to hear about some of ICTC Canada’s programs and job boards that help new Canadians find work in any sector that is well-suited to their international qualifications. Sowmya Rajasekaran, Program Coordinator with ICTC, goes over some of her organization’s work.

Create an engaged employee work culture like the Ontario Trillium Foundation

In 2017, OTF wanted to better understand its work culture and conducted a series of employee engagement surveys. Then, it integrated the results with their hiring process, professional development programming and as part of a new employee mentorship program. By the end of the year, it was recognized as having one of Canada’s most admired corporate cultures. Ina Gutium, OTF’s Vice President of Talent and Corporate Services, sat down with us to share how she kick-started the program.

A look back on other stories in this series

Thanks to Ignite NPS

This nonprofit HR innovation project is made possible thanks to a partnership between Ignite NPS, a family foundation, and Community Foundations of Canada. The collaboration stems from a shared interest in advancing promising practices and builds on the efforts of HRcouncil.ca, an award-winning platform that provides free HR management tools and resources to strengthen nonprofit organizations across Canada.

Note: Music for the audio stories is by Lee Rosevere.

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