Introducing No Little Plans, a new podcast on Canada and the Sustainable Development Goals

We’re excited to share the news about our new podcast, No Little Plans, which explores the status of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in Canada and its mission to leave no one behind. Each episode dives deep on one of the 17 goals, while also highlighting the ways they intersect. Read a quick overview of the first two episodes below.

Episode 1: Leave no one behind (An overview of the SDGs)

What are the SDGs and why do they matter? Meet three experts — Joseph Wong, John McArthur, and Deborah Glaser — who are already pursuing the goals, and learn why the tremendous effort it will take to achieve them is worth it.

Episode 2: How to eradicate homelessness (SDG 1: No Poverty)

The reality of being homeless in Canada is complicated. Nearly a third of people experiencing life without shelter are women, almost one in five are young people, Indigenous populations are overrepresented — and more. Meet Erin Dej and Jesse Thistle, two experts with big ideas about how to fix this important problem.

No Little Plans is one of our contributions to Alliance 2030, a national network of organizations working to achieve the SDGs in Canada and abroad by the year 2030. You can join the Alliance today at

No Little Plans is hosted by Vicky Mochama of Vocal Fry Studios, and created by Strategic Content Labs. You can subscribe to No Little Plans anywhere you get podcasts, including iTunes and Google Play. Visit to find episode notes and more ways you can listen.

If you’d like to learn more about the podcast, be a guest on an episode, or have ideas for future episodes, please get in touch by emailing

Happy listening!

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