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Vital Signs is locally led by community foundations and used by residents, businesses, community organizations, universities and colleges and government leaders to learn about community needs, take action and direct resources where they will have the greatest impact.


CFC's national Vital Signs reports shine a spotlight on themes and issues that matter. From belonging, to youth, we use compelling data and stories to dive deep into issues and trends affecting communities across Canada and the world.


Vital Signs is now a global program that has engaged more than 100 communities in Canada and around the world. Nine countries from abroad are currently running Vital Signs programs, mobilizing the power of community knowledge for greater local impact.

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Looking for past Vital Signs reports? We have catalogued reports dating back to 2014 in our online archives.

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An introduction to Vital Signs for community foundations

A look ahead at what's in store for community foundations…


This webinar will outline the various ways your community foundation can engage with Vital Signs in 2018. We go over the timeline, resources and support available as well as the requirements to participate. If you are participating for the first time or still thinking about it, this webinar is for you!

Engaging your community in Vital Signs

This webinar will go over best practices and how you…


Engaging your community in Vital Signs is one of the most important pieces of your Vital Signs strategy. It is an important first step, and ongoing engagement can ensure the program is successfully received by your community. This webinar will go over  best practices and how you can engage your community through all phases of the program.

You’ve done Vital Signs — now what? Using your…

Engaging in the Vital Signs program (through reports and/or Conversations)…


Engaging in the Vital Signs program (through reports and/or Conversations) teaches us a lot about our communities — how do we use that knowledge to affect change and lead to impact? In this webinar, we will discuss the many ways foundations can use their Vital Signs for impact. We will hear from a few experienced foundations on their strategies, with time for a discussion period and Q & A session.

Vital Signs and the SDGs: Exploring new data

In this webinar we will explore how to align your…


Since 2015, a growing number of community foundations have aligned their Vital Signs to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the associated targets and indicators. In this webinar we will explore how to align your Vital Signs data collection to the SDGs, looking at indicator selection and identifying new data sources.

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Contact our Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Alison Sidney for additional information about the program and ways you or your foundation can get involved.

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