Future Cities Canada

CFC is proud to be a founding partner of Future Cities Canada, alongside Evergreen, Open North and others. The new initiative brings people, ideas, platforms and innovations together from across sectors to address two of the most pressing issues of our time: inequality and climate change and the challenges they pose for our cities. Together, we believe Future Cities Canada’s unique collaborative infrastructure will accelerate innovation to build regenerative, inclusive cities of the future. Sign up for the Future Cities Canada newsletter to stay up to date!

The Community Solutions Network 

A program of Future Cities Canada, the Community Solutions Network is a community-centric platform serving every type of community: big, mid-sized, Indigenous, small and northern. It aims to provide knowledge, expertise, experience in key areas such as data and technology for municipal and community leaders. Ultimately, its goal is to support communities as they build internal capacity and navigate the smart cities landscape. The network regularly hosts events and programming in cities and regions across Canada. Explore the Community Solutions Network Portal to learn more.

Bursaries available to attend Network events!

This year, in collaboration with our partners, we are offering a limited number of bursaries to attend Community Solutions Network events. Learn more about this unique opportunity and apply today!