Section 1 – Getting Started

Once you’ve decided that hosting a conversation around Canada’s 150th would be valuable for your community, you can begin to plan.

Contact the Alliance

  • We have a national network ranging from local groups to national organizations, and we’d be happy to support your community event any way we can. Connect with us!

Consider your time and resources

  • Do you want to host a one-hour workshop, a full-day session, or something in between?
  • Are there any community organizations that might be interested in partnering with you?

Tap into your networks

  • Begin to gauge interest in your community by sharing the idea with individuals and groups you’re close to.

Set a date and location

  • Chances are, there is somewhere in your community that will provide you with in-kind space for your event. Ask around to local community organizations, especially those who may be planning their own 2017 activities.
  • Once you have secured a space and date, you are ready to start building your guest list.