After launching our funding portal in January 2020, we received a high volume of applications from diverse social purpose organizations for CFC’s first application intake for the Investment Readiness Program.

We collaborated with local community foundations across Canada to administer the program and award funding, and we are excited to share details about the diverse breadth of projects being supported through CFC’s IRP funding. The below map outlines the projects that received IRP funding through CFC. More information about the breakdown of project funding will be available in the coming weeks, and this page will be updated to reflect new information.

CFC is one of multiple partners that is supporting the distribution of IRP funding, and the results from different partners will be made available at the primary IRP website, For more information about the IRP at CFC, visit our Initiative page.

Learn more about how you can apply to CFC’s second and final IRP intake from September 8-October 9, 2020.

The Investment Readiness Program is funded by the Government of Canada.