May22 2019

Trends in philanthropy and fundraising

1 p.m. EDT

Online Event

Online giving is growing by more than 20 per cent a year.  The number of millionaires in Canada could reach more than two million by 2023.  By 2036, it is expected more than 30% of the Canadian population will be immigrants. And today’s washing machine has more computing power than NASA used to land on the moon!

New technologies, evolving models and changing demographics all present new challenges when it comes to fundraising.  They also present new opportunities.  To explore what those opportunities are and to determine what organizations should be doing to be sure they and their fundraising programs are ready to take advantage of those opportunities, please join us for a presentation about trends in fundraising and philanthropy by Nicole Nakoneshny, KCI’s Lead, Knowledge + Insights.

KCI is Canada’s leading consultancy to the non-profit sector with professionals across the country in fundraising, strategy, research & analytics and executive search. In addition to her work with clients, Nicole curates the knowledge that KCI generates through its various practices and also keeps an eye on the key and emerging trends in fundraising and philanthropy both in Canada and around the world, seeking to translate that knowledge and information into useful insights for charities and fundraisers. In this role, Nicole serves as Editor of KCI’s online publication, KCI Philanthropic Trends and Host of its podcast, The Ask.

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