October1 2018

Community Change Festival

Toronto, ON

Note: This event is being put on by the Tamarack Institute.

The Community Change Festival will bring together over 250 community changemakers to celebrate and build capacity around five interconnected practices vital to making real impact on complex challenges – Collective ImpactCommunity EngagementCollaborative LeadershipCommunity Innovation, and Evaluating Impact.

Through immersive city learning experiences, tool sessions, impact accelerators, community provocateurs, art showcases and more, this three and a half day gathering will provide you with the skills and connections to move from ideas, to practice, to impact.

You can also view all of the webinars and papers in the Community Change Festival Series. These resources make up the foundation that we’ll build on during the skills and accelerator sessions at the festival itself. The Community Change Festival is more than a “day-of” experience, and your learning begins now.