The #AllIn2019 Manifesto

#AllIn2019 is grounded in welcoming a diverse community where participants treat each other thoughtfully, at all times. The conference will provide support and space for meaningful participation to enable a broad spectrum of viewpoints and constructive dialogue.

In order to create an #AllIn2019 experience that is warm, welcoming, and safe we ask that participants read and adhere to the following conference manifesto.

This includes partners, speakers, exhibitors, staff and attendees.

We believe that participants come to #AllIn2019 with positive intentions. As hosts, we take this opportunity to remind everyone to please treat each other in a thoughtful way. This includes being respectful of each others’ abilities, lived experiences, interests and personal differences. Being kind even in moments of disagreement or discomfort. Being mindful of how our individual actions and words are experienced by others. We acknowledge the freedom of expression of participants and encourage discussion and interaction as essential elements of participation.

We think it goes without saying, but sometimes it’s good to be really clear:  We expect that all conference participants will treat each other with dignity and respect. Harassment, discrimination, and any form of abuse of any conference participant will not be tolerated in person or online. These forms of behaviour reduce the value of the conference for everyone. Conference participants who choose not to follow this manifesto may be asked to leave the conference [without a refund] at the discretion of CFC. We also reserve the right to monitor, edit, hide or remove inappropriate comment on social media or in the event app.

The safety and well-being of conference participants is vital. If someone makes you feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible. Any conference participant who has witnessed or experienced any action or behaviour that is counter to this manifesto is encouraged to contact and report their experience to either:

Andrea Dicks
Chief Operating Officer

Erin Kasungu
Director, Leadership Initiatives