Get the #AllIn2019 app for all the latest conference news

Follow a few easy steps to download and start using our event app.

Step 1: Download Eventmobi from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Enter our app code: allin2019. There is only one place to enter in the code — you’ll see it!

Step 3: Hit the “add” button.

Step 4: Click the blue “Launch App” button at the bottom of the All In card that comes up. You’re all in!

Step 5: Log in and create your profile. Upload your photo, add your bio, add your social media contact info and more! No personal contact info is shared unless you choose to do so.

*NOTE: If you already have Eventmobi on your device from another conference, click Menu (top left of the Eventmobi screen) and then “Back to events list” and start at Step 2.

To navigate

In the schedule section, you can:

  • View all sessions, sorted by day or type
  • Start to customize your conference experience. Add any sessions you’re keen to attend.
  • You’ll be able to view your personal schedule on the app’s home screen
  • Clicking on items in your personal schedule allows you to remove them
  • A few notes:
    • The app does not recognize time conflicts, so make sure you don’t add two sessions in the same concurrent block!
    • Most conference sessions do not require registration but a few do! Where “sign-up required” is indicated, make sure you follow the link to register to save your spot!

In the speakers section, you can

  • Consult short bios of all our plenary speakers
  • Send them a message if you’re keen to connect. (Be patient in waiting for a response as most folks are just starting to sign up to the app!)

In the partners section, you can:

  • Meet some of the fantastic organizations supporting #AllIn2019, including foundations who have generously contributed to our #AllIn2019 bursary programs. Reach out and connect!

In the attendees section, you can:

  • Check out a complete list of conference participants
  • Connect via direct message with folks you’re keen to meet. Looking to network? Send others a message by clicking on their profile in the attendees section. Although you can contact other participants in the app, no personal information (including contact info) is shared.

Create your profile and start networking! Have questions or issues with the app? Reach out to our team for help