Colin Sinclare and Nadia Savva of MFS are ‘proud CFC believers’

Tell us about your company, and who we can look forward to meeting at the Belong 2017 Conference

MFS is a global investment manager with capabilities spanning all major asset classes, serving institutional investors for over 40 years. Everything we do at MFS is rooted in our client focus — providing strong risk management and durable investment solutions, helping clients understand their portfolios and the broader market, and maintaining the long-term perspective that is consistent with our clients’ investment time horizon. MFS employs a disciplined, consistent approach across our global investment platform guided by three core principles: integrated research, global collaboration and active risk management.

In attendance at this year’s Community Foundations Conference will be Colin Sinclare, from our Vancouver office and Nadia Savva from our Toronto office. Both Nadia and Colin are proud CFC believers, having supported numerous regional and national events.

What does Belonging mean to you?

Belonging is such a powerful world, as it encompasses so many meanings.  At its core, belonging is the knowledge that you are not alone. Humans are social beings. It is no surprise that the word ‘society’ has its root from the word ‘social’ – people cannot thrive without the power of the collective whole. Belonging is an essential part of the human condition and yet if taken for granted can have negative consequences, such as isolation and lower living standards. A strong sense of belonging leads to stronger communities and social well-being.

What are you most excited about for the conference?

We are excited to ‘belong’ and learn how to come together with so many from across this great nation and around the world!

What other exciting or innovative activities are you presently doing to support your community?

MFS believes in giving back. To support our communities, we’ve built our Corporate Citizenship program on four pillars: Health, Education, Self-Sufficiency, and Civic Engagement. We’ve built partnerships with charitable organizations around the globe to support our communities and reach those who need our help the most. The MFS Global Day of Giving Back is a day when MFS employees from around the world participate in a half day of service in their local community. In 2016, more than 700 employees from 10 MFS office locations participated.

This year the staff in Toronto painted and upgraded bedrooms at a youth hostel. We got to meet the kids and hear their stories.  The most meaningful part of the day was that we were able to stencil an inspiring quote in each room we painted, and we were lucky enough to see the look on the faces of the youth entering their new rooms: their smiles said it all.  A little goes a long way! MFS also supports our employees’; civic engagement around the globe by offering two paid volunteer days off annually, offering regular volunteer opportunities throughout the year, offering matching gifts to support our employees’ charitable giving, our employee grant program that supports employee civic engagement and other opportunities. These combined efforts allow us to partner with non-profit and non-governmental organizations to make a positive impact on the communities where we live and do business.

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