Tips and Tools

Accountability (2011)

Board Recruitment (2011)

Acknowledgement Guidelines (2016)Acknowledgement guidelines for community foundations and grant recipients of the Community Fund for Canada's 150th.

Providing a gift in your willIncluding a charitable bequest in a will is a simple way of making a lasting gift.

Deed of Gift Template (2016)Formally known as Creating a Good Fund Agreement, this template provides the key clauses needed to establish a fund.

Directors and Officers Liability (2016)Outlines the components of insurance for board members and the foundation.

Foundation Development: Boards and Governance (2009)CFC's Tips & Tools covers more than 50 issues of interest to community foundations.

Foundation Development: Can community foundations undertake their own charitable activities? (2003)Community foundations, as registered “public foundations”, are limited by the Income Tax Act to making grants only to qualified donees.

Foundation Development: Creating Agency Agreements (2010)Agency Funds are established through formal agreements between the foundation and organization who are interested in building endowment funds as part of their financial strategy.

Foundation Development: Fund Development (2009)CFC's Tips & Tools covers more than 50 issues of interest to community foundations.

Foundation Development: Is There a Way That Our Community Foundation Can Make a Grant to a Non-Qualified Donee? (2008)This is a question that comes frequently to us at CFC. Many members are in small communities where non-profit groups are not always registered as charities with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Gift of Securities (2016)An overview of the guidelines in accepting a gift of securities for your foundation.

What is a community foundation?This is the “elevator pitch” to explain what a community foundation does.

Youth in Philanthropy (2011)There are many approaches to engaging youth and extensive experience to draw on.

Fundraising Tips for Board Members (2014)Strong leadership and active participation by Board members are key to making a difference locally.

Role of the Board Chair (2011)

Suggested chart of accounts packageThis resource will help with your T3010 Charity Return.

Third Party Fundraising Events (2009)This Tips and Tools will outline some considerations a community foundation should have in place through a Third Party Events Policy.