Nonprofit HR Innovation in Canada

HR management practices within the nonprofit sector are changing rapidly. Shifting demographic, economic, technological, and social trends are reshaping the landscape of HR from how we develop talent to how we structure office environments.

hrinnovationOver the course of 2017, we’ll be tapping into our community foundation, philanthropic and networks to shine a spotlight on stories of innovative HR strategies being used successfully by nonprofit organizations across Canada.

Nonprofit HR innovation stories

We’ll be covering stories that fit loosely in the following categories:

Managing flexible work arrangements

Nonprofit organizations are increasingly providing more flexible work arrangements for staff and volunteers (working flexible hours, working remotely, job sharing, compressed workweeks and other strategies). How is your organization adapting its HR management strategies to keep pace with this changing work environment?


With the need to access specialized skills and lower operational costs, organizations are outsourcing more and more core tasks, such as overall administration, HR management, financial services and information technology. Is your organization outsourcing work to consultants and service organizations? How are these relationships being developed and managed effectively?

Staff development and succession

More than 75% of organizations in the nonprofit sector employ small staff of 10 or less which can make it difficult to offer employees a plan to develop their skills and support their future aspirations. How is your organization developing staff through innovative HR management practices?

Adjusting to a new labour force

Canada is experiencing a shift in its labour force due to an aging population, increased immigration, pending labour shortages, skills mismatches and a workforce of five generations. How is your organization changing the way it approaches HR management to effectively recruit, engage and retain a workforce with the appropriate skills, knowledge and abilities for the future?

Thanks to our partners

Our spotlight on HR innovation within Canada’s nonprofit sector is made possible thanks to our partnership with Ignite NPS.